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Tree surgeon shares Ukraine diaries

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A tree surgeon from Cumbria has been recording a diary of his experiences in Ukraine.

Steve Hodgson from Tebay has a fiancée in the country and has made a number of journeys in his lorry since the Russian invasion to deliver items donated by the British public.

He said he has met many other people taking aid to Ukraine, adding it was an "amazing coming together of the world".

Mr Hodgson shared his audio diary with BBC Radio Cumbria.

He has made various trips to the Odessa area where his fiancée lives and said he has been struck by the spirit of the people.

"If spirits and the zest for life could win wars then the world would be ruled by Ukraine," Mr Hodgson said.

He said there was "no electricity" in the city but "the place was thriving".

He said people had donated all sorts of goods ranging from food and clothing to wheelchairs, stretchers and other medical supplies, adding: "You name it I have got it."

Mr Hodgson said he had seen a lot of other vehicles taking aid, adding: "There are people like myself with small vehicles every single day, hundreds taking aid into Ukraine.

"What an amazing contribution and coming together of the world that is."

He said making such journeys was the "least I can do for my Ukrainian friends", adding: "These people are passionate about their country and building a better Ukraine from this."

Mr Hodgson also visited wounded Ukrainian soldiers and said he was amazed by their courage, adding: "You can see what these guys have given to keep us in the West safe.

"What's important for these guys is to know the sacrifice is not in vain, the knowledge that outside their world people care.

"We do what we can but it never seems enough, and it isn't enough."

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