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Ukrainian students in the UK feel 'totally safe'

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Four Ukrainian students who fled their country to continue their studies in the UK have said they are still getting used to the feeling of being safe.

The four students left Ukraine as the result of a twinning agreement, following the country's invasion by Russia.

The University of Leicester made the agreement with Kremenchuk Mykhailo Otrohradskyi National University.

The students said their semester-long stay was both "amazing" and "hard".

"One of the differences that struck me was that at night, all the lights are on in [Leicester], whereas in Kremenchuk there are blackouts because of the rocket attacks," said 19-year-old Oleksandra Korshunova.

"I also don't have to worry about whether I will survive when I wake up the next day.

"I am still trying to get used to it, and I am scared of getting used to this, because I want to go back home.

"My family and friends are still there, so while it is amazing to be in Leicester, it is still very hard."

Yeva Zhylova-Velter, 21, added: "They are also really patient with us, because sometimes we will talk for some time about the situation in Ukraine - we feel it is our duty, not to be silent, but to raise awareness.

"Leicester is quite different, I feel totally safe here."

Kira Myroshnychenko, 19, said: "We hope the war will end as fast as it can."

Karyna Rudaia, 20, added: "I've seen lots of Ukrainian flags across the city, which is cool, it makes me feel at home, it makes me feel supported."

Kremenchuk is situated in central Ukraine, some 160 miles (257km) behind the front line.

The city has been devastated by heavy missile and drone bombardments targeting its power generation facilities.

All four students are studying in Ukraine and studying modules in English language while in Leicester.

Ella Cooper, a senior personal tutor for study-abroad students from the university, said: "All four seem to have settled in really well and I have received lots of positive messages from their tutors here about how well they are settling in and how motivated they are.

"The students have told me that they are really enjoying the modules here and are loving exploring Leicester."

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